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Clowning Around (Ages 7 - 11)

May 31 - June 2; 10-Noon

Learn the basics of clowning & mime from Pippi the Clown while also engaging in creative movement and theatre games with Miss Bethany. Students will use the tricks they learn to perform at Cody Center’s Circus on June 11! Cost: $70

Creative Movement & Music (Ages 3 & 4) - click on the session to register

Session 1, Weds. June 8 - 29; 9:30 - 10:15 am

Session 2, Weds. July 6 - 23; 9:30 - 10:15 am

Have fun with Miss Angie this summer in our class that introduces children to music and movement through a variety of fun activities.  This is a 4 week session class.  Cost: $40

Pop Star Camp (Ages 7 - 11)

June 13 - 15; 11 am to 12:30 pm

Find your inner pop star in this fun camp where you’ll take the stage and rock out!  Class includes acting, singing, and dancing as you work toward your Diva status. Cost: $60

It’s Sew Easy (Ages 9 to Adult) - click on the session to register

June 14 - 16 and/or July 5 - 7; 1 to 3 pm

Are you interested in costume construction or creating crafts? These classes are for anyone who either wants to learn how to sew or who hasn’t sewn since Home-Ec. There is something for everyone.  Sewing machines and basic supplies provided. Cost:  $60

Performing Arts Camp: Under the Big Top

June 20 - 23: 9 am to 3 pm (Ages 8 - 14)

Join us under the big top for our 7th annual Performing Arts Camp at Cody Center for the Performing Arts. Students will create & present an original play from concept to performance while participating in a variety of theatre-based skills while enjoying games, crafts, music and movement. The camp ends with a student  performance on June 23 at 4:00.  Cost:  $200

Dance Jams with Miss Erin (Ages 6 - 10)

Wednesdays, June 22 - July 27; 5 - 6 pm

Get your groove on with Miss Erin this summer in this fun class that will explore various styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and maybe even a little Acro! This is a six-week session class.  Cost: $70


Dance Technique with Miss Erin (Ages 10 - 18)

Wednesdays,  June 22 - July 27;  6 - 7 pm

Hone your dance skills with Miss Erin.  Class will focus on strength and skill in various styles of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical and more. This is a six-week session class.  Cost: $70

Mermaid Dance Party (Ages 4 - 10)

Saturday, June 25; 10 - 11:30 am

Join Miss Erin for a magical Saturday morning under the sea! Dance, movement, crafts and more! Tails up! Cost: $20

Song & Dance Camp (Ages 6 - 11)

June 27 - 30; 10 am - Noon

A little song, a little dance…give musical theatre a chance! Learn the basics of musical theatre and jazz while you sing and dance your way through this energetic class.  Cost: $70

Princesses & Pirates Camp (Ages 4 - 7)

July 11-13; 10 to 11:30 am

Your child will learn all about being a proper princess or a pesky pirate through acting activities, movement and crafts. After two days of "intense" training, they will be ready to wear their favorite princess or pirate costume to class! Cost: $60

Greatest Showman Camp (Ages 6 - 10)

July 18-20; 10 to 11:30 am

Has your child ever dreamed of being a ring leader or lion tamer?  Your showman-in-training will learn all about what it takes to be the star of the circus through acting activities, movement and crafts.  Cost:  $60

Wizarding World Dance Party (Ages 8 - 12)

Saturday, July 30; 10 - 11:30 am

Join Miss Erin for a mystical Saturday morning at Hogwarts! Harry Potter fans will love this class that includes dance, magic, crafts and more! Wands up! Cost: $20

Play in a Day, Jr. (Ages 6 - 10)

Monday, August 1, 9 am - 3:30 pm

In this daylong workshop, students will create a production, participate in actor warm-ups, audition, design costumes and props, rehearse and then perform for all of their friends and family at 3:00.   Cost: $75

Unicorn Camp (Ages 4 - 7)

August 8 - 10; 10:00 - 11:30 am

End your summer with Miss Erin in this magical camp full of glitter and rainbows!  Themed crafts and activities make this camp extra special! Cost: $60


Summer Cheer Camp! - click on the session to register

(Ages 6-10) June 7 - 9 or June 28 - 30:  Noon-2

(Ages 11-14) June 21 - 23 or July 19-21:  Noon-2

Go! Fight! Win! Join CHS cheerleaders at CCGA for these fun and energetic camps that will teach popular cheers as well as some basic tumbling skills.  These sessions will sell out fast, so register early! Cost:  $70/session


Intro to Gymnastics (Ages 4 - 6) - Click on the session to register

June Tuesdays:   2 - 2:45  -    June Thursdays: 2 - 2:45

July Tuesdays:     2 - 2:45  -   July Thursdays:   2 - 2:45

Join Coach Michaela for this 4 week session where students will learn beginning gymnastics skills on the equipment and on the floor. Each session is four weeks. Register for one session or all four!  Cost: $40/session

Tumble Monkeys (Ages 3 - 4) - Click on the session to register

June Tuesdays: 3 - 3:45.  -     June Thursdays: 3 - 3:45

July Tuesdays: 3 - 3:45   -      July Thursdays: 3 - 3:45

Join Coach Michaela for this 4 week session where student will learn basic gymnastics skills on the floor and equipment while also playing games and developing gross motor skills.  Each session is four weeks. Register for one or all sessions!  Cost: $40/session

Super Hero Camp (Ages 4 - 7)

June 13 - 15; 10 to 11:30 am

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your super kid!  Your hero-in-training will learn all there is to learn about saving the planet through tumbling, obstacle courses and crafts.  No cape necessary to participate. Cost:  $60


Welcome to the Jungle Gym (Ages 4 - 7)

July 5 - 7; 10 to 11:30 am

The jungle is full of fun obstacles to overcome.  This camp will hone your skills in tackling all kinds of tricky situations.  Hot lava, jungle creatures, ropes and more!  Cost:  $60

Beginning & Intermediate Gymnastics Skills (Ages 6 -11)

-Click on the session to register- 

Beginning - Wednesdays in June and/or July 1 - 2:30 pm

Intermediate -Wednesdays in June and/or July 3 - 4:30 pm

Continue to develop strength and flexibility this summer as you progress on all equipment and the floor. Intermediate students should have mastered basic skills such as bridges, cartwheels & handstands.  Cost:  $70/session


Ninja Camp (Ages 6 - 11)

July 11 - 13; 10 to 11:30 am

Train to be a Ninja by honing your skills in tumbling, gymnastics and challenging obstacle courses. This is a high energy class that is super fun for boys and girls! Cost: $60


Acro-Dance Camps (Ages 6 - 18) - Click on the session to register

July 26 - 28

Beginner:  10 - Noon

Advanced 12:30 - 3 pm

Acro-Dance combines tumbling skills with dance techniques. Beginners will learn the basics of Acro-dance in a fun and flexible class! Advanced Acro students will work on more advanced skills while also developing more strength and flexibility.  Students must have prior Acro experience and already be enrolled in Acro II or higher to participate in the Advanced class.  Cost:  $70/$100

Casita Camps - Click on the session to register

August 2 - 4

Casita Camp Jr. (Ages 4 - 7); 10 - 11:30 am

Casita Camp Sr. (Ages 8 - 11); 12:30 - 2 pm

Based on the Disney hit Encanto, campers will discover what’s behind our magic doors and find their own powers and surprises that await! Activities are age appropriate, creative and fun! Cost:  $60

Jurassic Camp (Ages 6 - 11)

August 8 - 10; 12:30 - 2 pm

Find your inner dinosaur in Jurassic themed camp!  Whether your child is a carnivore or an herbivore, they will enjoy taking a bite of of this fun and exciting three day adventure!  Cost:  $60

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