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Meet Guest Artist Trevor Cook!


The son of our very own Miss Laura, Trevor Cook has quite literally grown up in studios dancing. He danced for 13 years in his hometown of Cody, Wyoming at Cody Center for the Performing Arts before pursuing dance in higher education. He recently received his MA in contemporary dance from London Contemporary Dance School where he was a member of the postgraduate performance company EDGE. He toured and performed works by renowned European choreographers including Ben Wright and Tamsin Fitzgerald around the UK and five countries in Europe and performed in several freelance projects and films while based in London. He holds a BFA in Dance Performance (cum laude) and a BA in Humanities/Fine Arts from the University of Wyoming where he performed in many dance productions, including originating the role of Jonathan Harker in a new dance theatre production of Dracula. He performed in “Excerpts From The Winged” a re-staging of the José Limón classic at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. as part of the 2016 National College Dance Festival, and his work VIA AIR MAIL was selected for adjudication at the American College Dance Association’s Northwest Conference. As a choreographer Trevor is interested in the blending of theatre and dance to illustrate human experiences and stories lost to time. He blends his old love of jazz and musical theatre, and new love of contemporary dance with both artistic and academic disciplines to inform his performance and choreography.

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