August "back to dance" Classes are as follows:

Summer Dance EXPLOSION!

August 4-6th 1:00-4:00pm

Ages 6-10 or beginner/intermediate level


Join Miss Angie, Miss Laura, Miss Erin and Miss Bethany for 3 days of summer dance fun!



1:00-1:45- Hip Hop Grooves- with Miss Angie

1:45-2:30- Song and Dance - With Miss Erin

2:30-2:45- outside break/snack

2:45-3:45- Rockette Class - With Miss Laura

3:45-4:00- Rock the Stage - With Miss Bethany



1:00-2:00- Sleeping Beauty Ballet- with Miss Angie

2:00-2:45- Introduction to Acro - with Miss Erin

2:45-3:00- outside break/snack

3:00-3:45- Rap a Tap Tap - with Miss Angie

3:45-4:00- Create the personality- with Miss Bethany


1:00-2:00- Fairy Tail Hour - with Miss Erin

2:00-2:45- Lyrical- with Miss Angie

2:45-3:00- outside break/snack

3:00-3:45- Jazz it up - with Miss Angie

3:45-4:00- Student Choreography

Schedule subject to change slightly

Back to Dance Intensive

August 11-13th; 1-5pm

Ages 11-18 or intermediate/advanced level


It is time to get back to the studio and do what we love! This is a 3 day intensive and we would like you to join us for all three days. If you are unavailable and can only join us for 1 or 2 days, email or text Angie with the dates as class sizes are limited. We understand that some of these genres may be unfamiliar to you but want you to give all of them a try!


1:00-2:15- Begin with Ballet

2:15-3:00- Contemporary Choreography

3:00-3:15-outside break/snack

3:15-4:15- Thriller Choreography

4:15-5:00- Tap it out


1:00-2:00 Hip Hop Choreography and Grooves

2:00-3:00 Lyrical

3:00-3:15 outside break/snack

3:15-4:00- Contemporary Choreography

4:00-5:00- Acro



1:00-2:00- Musical Theatre

2:00-3:00- Student Choreography/Improv

3:00-3:15- outside break/snack

3:15- 4:00- Auditioning

4:00-5:00- Ballet wrap up

Schedule subject to change slightly

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