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Studio Pandemic Policies (COVID-19)


The safety of all members of our CCPA family is the number one priority for all of us.  CCPA is taking reasonable precautions to try and prevent the spread of COVID19 to any of our clients and staff.

  • We will encourage handwashing and have sanitizer readily available

  • We will wipe down frequently used surfaces and maintain floor cleanliness 

  • Face coverings are encouraged for unvaccinated youth and adults

  • Temperature checks will be done as students enter the building

  • We ask that students come dressed and ready for class with hair pulled back out of their face

  • Students will enter the classroom at the beginning of class with water bottles, shoe changes and anything else they may need 

  • Zoom will be available if a student can not come to class due to sickness, weather, or possible quarantine.

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