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Upcoming Dance Competitions & Conventions

For Company Members Only
One of the things we love is competition and convention and we are going to go! Competition and conventions are wonderful opportunities to perform and grow as a dancer, explore new styles and have a great time doing what we love! This season there are a few new policies put into place. They will limit the number of spectators and participants are required to wear masks while taking classes but we will take it! The events we chose will be offering full refunds in the event things get canceled.

Conventions and Competitions we would like to attend in Billings this season

24/7 Dance Convention- January 28th-30th -Payment Due - December 1st

In10sity Competition- February 25-27th (solos, duos, trios)- Payment due January 4th

Celebration Talent- March 11th-13th (groups, solos, duos, trios)- Payment Due February 1st

Hollywood Dance Jams Convention- April 1-3rd (solo, duo, trio and groups if we have enough

signed up)- Payment Due February 5th

Precision Arts Challenge- April 29-1st (group, solos, duos, trios) - Payment Due March 15th

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